What’s for Dinner?

Don't want to cook?  Don’t want to go out?
You can still eat tasty, real food, not fast food, for $7.50.  We prepare one entree for dinner every day. Most of our meals come with a meat, a veggie and either rice, potato or pasta.  We post the menu a week in advance here on our website, daily on Facebook.  Scroll down to see our latest menu.
 All of our dinners are made fresh daily from choice ingredients
purchased from our local vendors in Fremont County

Meals             $7.50

What’s  for  Dinner

By Gourmet Catering

Gourmet catering

what's for Dinner

And Dwaine Tiger

Are no longer a part of Mr D's
we value you as a customer  and we will re open as soon as we can
If you know of a commercial kitchen that is available please let us Know at 335-5773
Thanks for your under standing as we make this transition

Website:  http://www.landergourmetcatering.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LanderWhatsforDinner?fref=ts

Reservations are not required, but are highly recommended


Dinner Hours 4:00 – 7:30 p. m.                 Dinner - $7.50